• VCC worldwide

VCC worldwide

Maritime transport professionals worldwide increasingly choose Visual Cargo Care.

An increasing number of professionals in the general, project and heavy lift cargo industry have chosen for Visual Cargo Care. Especially nearby vital port-areas, we see more and more the need for companies to serve customers even faster and provide grounded calculations.

A software solution in the form of Visual Cargo Care – lashing & securing – can support all parties involved. With this program, users can ensure quality even better and always act well prepared. A cooperation goes further than just using the software. It is also possible to make use of the extensive training courses, as well as the use of maritime transport engineers when necessary.

This software is specially designed for handling General-, Project- and Heavy Lift cargoes. The menu on the left illustrates per specialism how the software can be of added value.


The engineering team of a shipping line uses Visual Cargo Care to calculate in a quick and responsible way the Lashing & Securing of their cargoes to present to their customers and Insurance.


All those professionals who are working in their office to prepare a load-out or the ones who are currently working on a job, this tool could help them in a quick and safe way, how to proceed with the Lashing & Securing, to make sure that the cargo will arrive safe in the port of destination. Also in the legal matter, when something goes wrong during the voyage of the vessel, they can prove they did it in a correct way, when they have to appear in court.


There are a lot of stevedoring companies who also have to provide the Lashing & Securing. All is done “Like always” but when something is wrong discussions arise. With Visual Cargo Care they can calculate what is enough and present this to clients. This avoids mismanagement and will ease all discussions.


Especially Lashing & Securing companies could add this tool to their business. When accidents happen they can prove in court that their Lashing & Securing calculation where sufficient for the ongoing voyage.


The Insurance will use Visual Cargo Care for reference and verification of method statements which are offered to their needs. They will decide on their own if all is as requested and done in a sufficient way.


Even when professionals have done their work, it has to be checked by people and companies who work on behalf of Insurances, Owners or Charterers etc. Those surveyors could use Visual Cargo Care to re-engineer the load-out, find out if all is according to standards. Also this tool will avoid discussion on board or in the field, because they will both use the same program.


The responsibility for port management is high. They have to commit themselves to the highest standards available to create a good and safe environment for all their load-outs. With this tool they can state their regulations for Heavy-Lift & Project cargoes, it will be a good addition to their quality management.